Unlock the Power of AI Retail
Analytics and Boost Conversions
Transform Your Retail Customer Experience with Cutting-Edge AI Analytics - Seamless Integration of Our Platform with Your Cameras for Data-Driven Decision Making

Analyze with Footfall

Leverage traffic patterns overtime and create a personalized customer experience

Deploy employees during peak hours

Track your ROI of marketing campaigns

Target with Demographics

Track success of attracting your target market with age and gender demographics and adjust offers accordingly

Create customer personas for personalized promotions

Optimize with Area Analytics and Heat Mapping

Increase sales with the ideal product placement

Prioritize products and displays backed by data

Leverage high traffic areas to inform pricing and placement

Eliminate congestion and waiting times

Visualize with Dashboard

Transform real-time data about your retail outlets into actionable insights with our centralized dashboard

Analyze customer behavior in correlation with sales data

Optimize marketing campaigns

Eliminate operational costs

Sync with POS integration

Streamline with your POS system and get a comprehensive view of store metrics

Gain real-time conversion rates

Receive revenue per visitor insights

View items per transaction

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See How our Solution Delivers Real Results
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Increase Conversion Rates
Track footfall against sales figures to evaluate conversion rates. Compare performance across different locations and to develop marketing campaigns and boost conversions.
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Deliver Personalized Customer Experience
Identify store area preferences of different demographics to adjust staff and product positioning and satisfy customer needs
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Optimize Visual Merchandising
Create an attractive and efficient store layout that maximizes shopper traffic. Analyze storefront displays to determine the most effective ways to attract shoppers
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Gain Access to Real-Time Insights
Immediately appraise store metrics of the day and enable quick identification and response to concerns of long queues or low staffing levels
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Optimize Roster Management
Deploy the appropriate number of employees for peak customer traffic, slow traffic days, and different shopper groups. Ensure streamlined staffing schedules and reduced labor costs
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Boost Marketing Effectiveness
Determine which marketing campaigns are generating customers to your store and specific products. Point focus on the most profitable marketing channels
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