Video Analytics Platform

Adlytic AI is an AI powered video analytics platform that uses existing cameras inside retail outlets to provide in-depth analysis and actionable insights to retailers about their customers and their behavior.

Video Analytics Platform


Total number of people entering the store through all main entrances at any given time.

Calculate conversion rate by comparing total footfall with actual number of customers

Measure ROI of events and activities

Learn about peak hours which generate most traffic

Assess which marketing strategies/campaigns are successful

Make future visitor traffic predictions by analyzing correlation data

Understand impact of promotions

Compare store performance with other stores. Take note of underperforming stores

Tailor staff schedules according to footfall pattern


Total number of people going on each floor. All floor entrances including stairs, elevators, escalators, travelators, etc will be monitored.

Know which floor attracts more traffic and optimize floor plans accordingly

Compare floor performances and optimize customer experience accordingly

Measure ROI of floor events and activities

Tailor staff schedules according to stepin pattern


Heatmaps are used to highlight audience behavior and movement on each floor, by which you can find out the popular and dead areas.

Understand audience behavior and attraction spots

Optimize the pricing and placement of your products according to hot zones

Benchmark popular areas

Evaluate and optimize store layout and design

Measure marketing effectiveness by analyzing success of events and campaigns

Know best places for advertising


The average amount of time a person spends at a specific area/region on a floor. The higher the dwell time, the higher the chance of a person to buy something from that area.

Learn how long audience interacts with products and displays

Know and reduce unprofitable waiting times around the store

Know audience attraction spots

Compare different products and categories

Measure impact of marketing campaigns


The count of people who pass through a specific area/region on a floor.

Learn how audience moves through the store and interacts with products and displays

Compare zone/region performances

Measure success of new initiatives and marketing campaigns

Know the areas where there is congestion and bottlenecks; distribute resources to ensure pleasant experience for visitors

Optimize store layout and staffing


Know your audience and optimize their shopping experience through audience demographics. Every person entering the store will be classified into the following demographic categories:

Age Groups Gender
  • Child
  • Teen
  • Adult
  • Elderly
  • Male
  • Female

Optimize in-store design and product placement according to visitor demographics

Enhance customer experience by making it personalized

Optimize marketing strategies and campaigns

Know if target market goal and its count is being reached

Manage stock accordingly

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